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My Grandma The Prostitute: Meet The Oldest Sex Worker In The World

sheila vogel-coup grandma the prostitute

My Grandma The Prostitute:

Meet The Oldest Sex Worker in the World

sheila vogel-coup grandma the prostitute


You probably have never heard of her, but Sheila Vogel-Coupe is the oldest prostitute in the United Kingdom and quite possibly the world. She is sometimes known as Grandma The Prostitute.

In 2014 she was 85.

She also happens to be the grandmother of one of the X-Factor: Britain contestants, Katie Waissel.

Reports state that as of May 2014, she was still entertaining up to ten clients per week at £250 an hour!

That’s about $325 an hour USD. Wow.

sheila vogel-coup grandma the prostitute

This is what she said on various British entertainment shows:

I don’t think I will ever stop,” Vogel-Coupe said during a tour to promote a Channel 4 documentary, “My Granny the Escort.

Vogel-Coupe entered the sex trade four years ago to overcome loneliness after the 2004 death of her second husband.

The truth is, many women who offer sex for money in their later years do it because they like it.

Vogel-Coupe says:

“The most important reason is because I love sex. Even thinking about it makes me feel better,” she says in the documentary, according to the Daily Mail.

The documentary is about her and two other elderly hookers.

You’ve got to watch the below video to find out more. Love it or hate it… these ladies are choosing to do this.

Thanks for reading and have a sensual day, Dyann xoxo

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