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The Back Story On Betty Grable’s Iconic Legs Photo

back story on Betty Grables, iconic legs photo

  Here’s the back story on Betty Grable’s Most Iconic Legs Photo —> In 1943, Grable worked with photographer Frank Powolny.   During the shoot, Grable took several shots in a tight, one-piece bathing suit. One particular pose had Betty’s back to the camera as she playfully looked over her right shoulder.   The main…
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GREER GARSON #53 SEPTEMBER/2022 Body House Chronicles

Featured in this issue of The V&V Chronicles is the lovely and sophisticated —> Greer Garson BELOW IS CONTINUOUS PAGE SCROLLING… (BEST FOR CELLPHONES) The V&V Chronicles is a monthly newsletter produced by The Body House. Dyann Bridges is the website owner, writer, publisher and confidante for men at The Body House. The…
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