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The Back Story On Betty Grable’s Iconic Legs Photo

back story on Betty Grables, iconic legs photo


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Here’s the back story on Betty Grable’s Most Iconic Legs Photo —> In 1943, Grable worked with photographer Frank Powolny.


During the shoot, Grable took several shots in a tight, one-piece bathing suit.

One particular pose had Betty’s back to the camera as she playfully looked over her right shoulder.


The main reason for this pose was that she was several months pregnant with her first child and was starting to show.



When this picture was released as a poster it quickly became the most requested photo for G.I.s stationed overseas.     

iconic rita hayworth picture


Grable’s iconic legs photo sold millions of copies, eventually surpassing the popularity of Rita Hayworth’s famous 1941 photo.


Grable’s success as a pin-up girl furthered her career as a mainstream movie star.


As her star continued to ascend, Fox chief Darryl F. Zanuck expressed interest in broadening Grable’s range as an actress.



On multiple occasions, he tried to cast her in films that challenged her acting abilities, but Grable was reluctant. Betty felt insecure about her talent.

In fact, Grable was cautious throughout her career.

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She often worried about starring opposite well-known leading men. She preferred to star in up-beat musicals, many of which followed the generic boy-meets-girl story.

Most of her movies were thin when it came to plot, but they were high on energy.

Despite their lack of substance, Grable’s movies were immensely popular.

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