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What Is Tantra Energy And Why Is It Important To Understand?

Steps to Mastering Tantra Energy

Steps to Mastering Tantra Energy

Tantra: The Science and Study of Energy

Tantric masters understood a fundamental and universal truth – everything in this reality is made up of energy.

What is Tantra Energy?

Energy is a universal force which is infused in and around us on the quantum level.

Energy is infinite in its nature and potential.

So, why were tantrics interested in energy? Because if decoded, utilized, and employed properly, energy could be used to propel a person quickly along the spiritual path.

There are many, many different types of energy operating in our reality.

Regardless of the type, ALL energy operates according to and is governed by specific laws.


Unlock these laws and, in essence, you will acquire the master key for controlling and mastering all energy.

For example, take electricity, which is a form of energy. Through scientific research, human beings were able to discover how electricity worked.

As a result, electricity became known as a tangible force that could be created on command at our will.


How is This Relevant for YOU?

If everything in and around you is made up of different types of energy – the physical body, wealth, emotions, thoughts, the mind, love, success, relationships, health etc. –


The laws which govern all of these different types of energy are uncovered, then YOU can become the master of your own life… which is what we all need and want to achieve.


When we master energetic forces, then we are no longer victims of chance and happenstance.

WE are in control and create our own lives, our own realities and our own destinies.

I would say this is the ultimate definition of freedom and spiritual liberation.


The Chakras

To understand energy better, it is helpful to understand chakras.

One could say the science of the chakras originated from Tantra.

There are clear references to the seven major chakras in most of the ancient tantric texts that were written millennia ago.

The seven chakras are as real and tangible as our own limbs.Steps to Mastering Tantra Energy


These sophisticated energy centers of the human being serve as antennas.

This allows human beings to communicate, coordinate, resonate, and attenuate with the universe and a myriad of universal energies.


We need to be hyper vigilante in protecting and preserving our energy.


In Ancient times, tantric masters studied the universal energies and laws that governed them, exhaustively.

The chakras make possible for our finite physical bodies to access the infinite Divine energy and all the potential it contains.

The 7 major chakras can be harnessed and utilized through tantra energy for spiritual purposes.


Tantra Energy – A Comprehensive Spiritual System for Evolution


Tantra refutes the dominant thinking that spiritual liberation and perfection can only be attained through rigorous asceticism and renunciation of the world – a notion prevalent in many spiritual traditions.

It embraces all of reality, instead.

The ancient Tantrikas (tantric yogis) believed that human suffering arises from the mistaken perception of separation between the earthly world and the spiritual world.

To remedy this fallacy, Tantra advocates the celebration of the sensual and material dimensions, and by doing so, one can in the process transcend the physical.

Reality is ultimately beyond good and evil and merely an expression of divine energy.


Therefore, according to the ancient tantric texts, all of reality – including the physical body, food, sexuality, laughter, emotions, joy, pain, relationships, and many other facets that encompass being human – can be used to reach the Divine Absolute and realize one’s own innate divinity.

This is paradoxical to most, if not all, religions.


In Tantra the physical body is the greatest spiritual tool – a manifested aspect of the Divine that can be used intelligently and ingeniously to access the un-manifested, or that which is beyond this reality and physicality.


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