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Every Man Needs To Visit This At Least Once: The Dick Dojo


Every Man Needs To Visit This At Least Once: The Dick Dojo   Before you blow this(??) off… there is REAL info in this dojo. I stumbled across the original article at with a link to the Here is the link to the 3 other books in the Dick Dojo series. Below is…
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No Talkie, No Textie, No Touchy: A Tale of a No Show Client

no show client

No Talkie – No Textie – No Touchy A Tale of a No Show   OK… Gentlemen I need your help with something… give me some clarity. Please! Recently, a client who first saw me 3-4 months earlier, and who mentioned that he really enjoyed the first session, booked an appointment and did NOT show…
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Inside New York’s Billion Dollar Erotic Massage Industry

erotic massage industry, fbsm, erotica, erotic massage near me

. UPDATE 2020 – Things have really changed in the erotic massage business. Today it’s harder to find a decent place to perform the massage from. Manhattan is a dead city zone now. Cuomo and DeBlasio killed it.   However, the actual art and service of sensual massage lives on. It always will. Men will…
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