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No Talkie, No Textie, No Touchy: A Tale of a No Show Client

no show client

No Talkie – No Textie – No Touchy

A Tale of a No Show


OK… Gentlemen I need your help with something… give me some clarity. Please!

Recently, a client who first saw me 3-4 months earlier, and who mentioned that he really enjoyed the first session, booked an appointment and did NOT show up.

I have no idea why. Well, maybe a guess…. but you tell me.

The Setting

He booked the time correctly through text with no problems and then just didn’t show up.

He’d seen me once before so texting for an appointment is fine.

He gave me an hour and 15 minutes notice which is also great.

So far so good.

Last time he paid by PayPal so he asked me to send him another invoice.

I asked him for the correct email address to send it to and then sent it off about 40 minutes later.

And that was that.

The Downslide

After he asked me to send the invoice… I confirmed that I did… and that was it.

No textie…

The time for the appointment came and I heard nothing from him.

So I texted asking if he was close. Nothing.

No textie.

Then I called. Twice. Both times it went to voicemail.

No talkie.

Now sometimes things happen. I get that.

However, when the honest & respectful guys are late you let me know something has happened.

Let’s back track for a moment…

The “LOVE”-ly Side

The first appointment with this (now) no show client went well. Very well according to him.

That was HIS definition. Although, I thought it went fine too.

Except for one seemingly tiny, tiny thing… in his texts he called me “love.”

He didn’t say that to my face, but he did in his texts.

Since I hardly know this guy I thought it was pretty silly and disrespectful.

However, on every other account he was fine. Like I said, it was a tiny thing.

Then the no show client thing happened.

The appointment came… and went.

So now… this no show client is on the “Do Not Book” list.

Why? Because he was a complete no show client. So no touchy.

The Untouchable Side

Look, I’m willing to work with you guys if you get stuck in traffic or a work situation comes up… if I think it’s legit.

However, a total lack of communication is unacceptable. 

There is no excuse. Especially, if you’ve seen me before.

So can someone please explain to me why someone, who admittedly had a wonderful experience in the first session would suddenly not show up for the second visit?

I’ve had a few client who were legitimately in car accidents (it’s happened twice), but they told me about it!

So I suspect this client just suddenly decided I’m not worth the trouble. Why?

Maybe it’s because I didn’t call him “love.”

Apparently HE thought that it was somehow OK to just bail on the appointment HE set because of something I did/didn’t do.

Whatever that was supposed to be. 

This type of thing happens all the time with women everywhere around the world.

What happens with me in my practice is just a microcosm of what happens between men and women around the world.

Do you see how messed up that is? Can someone explain that to me please?

‘Cause women usually take on too much blame… even when something couldn’t possibly be their fault.

Explain to me why some men pull no shows over a teeny weeny perceived slight or wrongdoing? Please.

Why else do men arm themselves and start wars? Because the “other” has not behaved in the manner they wanted them to. 

The No Show Client Side

Can you say “projection?”

Women have watched men do it their entire lives.

Women do it too, but usually not to the same degree or in the same context.

Women tend to need to get their hearts involved before they do really messed up stuff.

You guys just need a thought.

You do yourselves and the male gender an enormous disservice when you project your own junk onto others.

Give us and yourselves a break. We’ll both be better off for it.


Thank you for your interest in The Body House…


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