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Kink Report #8 – March 27th-April 14th – Fantasies & Hypersensitivity

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#1Kink Report #8 – March 27th-April 14th

OK… so the fact is… I have mixed feelings about how I’m doing with the kink on NiteFlirt.

I like that they have a huge digital sales area. Every provider can upload MP3 audios, videos, still photos or a combination of such.

If you’re interested in the goodies I have available on NiteFlirt you can find them here… (opens in new tab)


**Update 2020 – I’m still on NF and have found my groove.** As of summer 2022 it’s NOT groovin’ so much


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It’s mostly the live calls that are… well… confusing.

There are so many men that either just hang up if the call is not going the way they like or freak out through the messaging system.

Understand this: I don’t and will NOT talk about my private life and personal sexual fantasies.


AND if you want to role play you actually have to tell me what you want. I don’t want to guess.

I’ve now had to make this a *thing* on my profile… stating that I do role play and will not be ‘honest’ about my fantasies.

Too many men have become wildly offended (quite quickly) when I suggest we role play instead of getting into my personal preferences.


Apparently men think that all women on a phone sex platform are there to talk about themselves and be “honest” about their sexual fantasies.

I’m sure some of them are. I’m also sure many of them are not and you wouldn’t know the difference.

When you are dealing with women who provide ANY type of sensual or sexual service you must understand it is their WORK.


YOU are contacting them on your personal time. They are at work, which means you are paying them to give you what you want.niteflirt, bdsm, kink experiment, erotic audio, audio porn, mature female voiceover, custom audio, sexy MP3


SOME women love to talk about their real personal sexual fantasies with their  clients.. which is fine.

Many do not.




I’m telling you this because I’ve had some odd interactions with men on the Niteflirt platform.

As well as, in some of my in-person sessions.

The guy actually expected me to cough up the truth about my personal life. Huh? Since when? We just met.

Female providers do not owe you honesty about their private lives… if they share it fine and if they don’t that’s fine too.

The only thing the provider owes you is the best experience she can offer within the boundaries she’s set.




So where do we go from here?


I think it comes back to men understanding that they will never fully understand women.

And that’s okay.


Just don’t take it personally when she doesn’t react like you’d hoped she would. As well, stay cool.

Aggression is never a good way to deal with a woman.


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