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The Kink Experiment – Report #7 – March 15th To March 26th

Kink Experiment Report #7 – March 15th to March 26th


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I just haven’t been as regular about opening the phone line. Why?

Because I’ve been kind of dreading it. Why?

Because of the enormous number of ‘dropped’ calls. ‘Dropped’ is in quotes because I think the Niteflirt system is old and some calls were dropped.

The rest of the calls are just hangs ups. So I’ve lost some of my enthusiasm.


I will admit to sometimes going down a storytelling road I knew the client was not that interested in… but only a few.

The rest of the hang ups are truly a mystery.


My main thing here at The Body House is to help men understand women better.

With every post/image/audio/video the mission is to help you gentlemen relate to the ladies much better.

So, I had to have a good ‘think’ at this hang up phenomenon.

Since I genuinely don’t know what I’m doing wrong and not getting feedback, I’ve lost much desire to answer live calls… but NOT my desire to help  and connect with men.



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The Niteflirt system is fabulous at allowing the providers to sell digital products.

I’ve noticed that erotic hypnosis or sexy guided meditations are VERY popular.


THAT I can do.


I’m already set up to create high quality sounding audio.

The next step is creating something you men want to hear.


The goal is to build a library of audio and video to guide men through erotic journeys and better relating.


Also, as an aside… Ms. November is no longer part of the Niteflirt listings.  So Meet…. Madam D.


The Madam is an offshoot of Dyann. Madam D is a Sensual Dom who helps keep my listings more focused and not as confusing.

—> Madam D is the Sensual Dom. <—


Spanking. Bondage. Naughty talk… all at MY command. You will be required to call Madam D –> Madam…

NOT Mistress or Queen or Goddess.


So that’s it for now. The Kink Experiment for 2019 continues and… continues to morph and change.

If you have ideas for erotic audios you’d like to hear I would love to hear from you!

Thank you for your interest in The Body House…kink, kink experiment, butterfly technique, susan bratton


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