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Fear And Safety When Relating To Women – What A Man Must Know

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I found this video on Youtube from a psychic who often discusses relationships and in this video she talks about safety when relating to women.

The psychic’s name is Teal Swan.

Below in the video, Teal discusses a man’s need to understand a woman’s fear. She goes on to discuss why he need sto be concerned for safety when relating to women.

Teal stresses that there is a need for safety when relating to women. As a consequence, men need to be totally trustworthy.

Unfortunately, most men never seem to get that.


Although, I disagree with Teal and the AMOUNT of fear she says ALL women feel.


I believe, especially as a woman who has lived my life in dangerous ways, fear is something that needs to be dealt with FIRST by women. themselves.

However, men can do a lot to help us though our fear.

Especially if they want to have a close loving relationship with a woman they need to be trustworthy.

Teal discusses sexual arousal in both men and women and how fear plays a HUGE role in sexuality… Especially for women.

I don’t agree with Teal on certain things, not all women are as fearful as she suggests.

However, I can say, as a woman, men need to be more trustworthy AND women do need to feel a sense of safety which starts with a woman applying good communication and boundaries.


If men JUST concentrated on developing the quality of trustworthiness and safety when relating to women, their lives would expand exponentially. Guaranteed.

Take a look below. Teal Swan is certainly a woman to listen to, even if my thoughts don’t match with hers entirely.


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