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Fear And Safety When Relating To Women – What A Man Must Know

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I found this video on Youtube from a psychic who often discusses relationships. Her name is Teal Swan and besides having great advice she’s also very beautiful.

In this video, Teal discusses a man’s need to understand a woman’s fear. She stresses that women have a need for safety and men need to be totally trustworthy. Unfortunately, most men never seem to get that.

Although, I disagree with Teal and the AMOUNT of fear she says ALL women feel.


I believe, especially as a woman who has lived my life in dangerous ways, fear is something that needs to be dealt with FIRST by women. themselves. However, men can do a lot to help us though our fear. Especially if they want to have a close loving relationship with a woman they need to be trustworthy.

Teal discusses sexual arousal in both men and women and how fear plays a HUGE role in sexuality… Especially for women.

I don’t agree with Teal on certain things, not all women are as fearful as she suggests. However, I can say, as a woman, men need to be more trustworthy.


If men JUST concentrated on developing the quality of trustworthiness, no matter who they were with or what they were doing, their lives would expand exponentially. Guaranteed.

Take a look below. Teal Swan is certainly a woman to listen to, even if my thoughts don’t match with hers entirely.

Thank you for reading and have a sensual day, Dyann xoxo

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