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‘Forgive to Forget’ – An Original Poem by Dyann Bridges

forgive to forget, poem

**This poem – as with many of the poems on this site – was written many years ago. About 20 years ago to be semi-exact. I’ve uploaded them here because I still like them and think they might be worth reading.**

Forgive to Forget


There are ghosts roaming in my attic
Haunting me and making me sick

My father’s face frightening still
The bastard lives just up the hill

My mother’s silent rage revealed
All that she didn’t want to feel

As I look back with guileless eyes
My head it spins with ugly lies

Problem child is a misnomer
Those wounds made my spirit stronger

My Life can still be grander yet
If to forgive is to forget

Let that adage be my maxim
This new orphan releases them.

Forgive to Forget – by Dyann Bridges

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