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Quick Tips – Giving Her Orgasms

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Quick Tips – Giving Her Orgasms

Here are a couple of videos which give you good tips and analysis on how a woman perceives and receives sensuality.


Every woman is different at different times. So, it’s important to pay attention to her and address whatever is happening in the moment. Here are seven places on her to get you started.


I would say these videos go a long way in helping men understand and heighten their lady’s sexual experience.

You just might wanna take notes. This lady has some very helpful advice… meet Susan Bratton.

Scroll down for more fun… 😉

***Remember too… almost every woman you have ever met, ever will meet or know now, has had at least one encounter of sexual and/or physical abuse in their lives.***


You can never really know how this affects a person. As well, they’ll almost certainly never tell you about it. Why would they?


Men need to become better leaders in relationships and in the bedroom. We’ve got too many passive guys, rough-nicks and dopes bumbling around with us.


The sad truth is many women don’t even know what a good lover is. They’ve tolerated so many fumblers.


Be gentle. Be firm. Most of all be fully present and pay attention to her reactions. On behalf of women everywhere… Thank you. 

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