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‘Yield to Me’ – An Original Poem By Dyann Bridges

yield to me, how to write poetry

**This poem was inspired by Russell Crowe in a movie about 15-20 years ago. I’m not sure what the movie was, (Gladiator maybe?) but I still like it and hope you do too. **

‘Yield to Me’

Some may say you are strong, so bold

And some say that you are so cold

But your heart has warmth to unfold

I can feel it when you hold me

I hear it when you sing to me

So Yield to me now, Yield to me

On the surface you seem so brave

This is the way you must behave

When your own heart you can not save

And all you feel is doubt and fear

You must know this my precious dear

That Love is strong and Love is near

So Yield to me now, Yield to me

 An Original Poem By Dyann Bridges


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