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G + PG Rated Sex & Relating Advice For Men

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  SUSAN BRATTON is a Highly Regarded “Sexpert” and offers Sex & Relating Advice For Men.  After more than a decade in the sex and relating space Susan has developed a HUGE Catalogue of FREE and paid products. It works like this –> Susan offers a ton of information on Sex & Relating Advice For…
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Fear And Safety When Relating To Women – What A Man Must Know

Safety When Relating To Women, Love fear hate relationships safety

  I found this video on Youtube from a psychic who often discusses relationships and in this video she talks about safety when relating to women. The psychic’s name is Teal Swan. Below in the video, Teal discusses a man’s need to understand a woman’s fear. She goes on to discuss why he need sto…
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The Kink Experiment Report #5 – Feb. 17th to Feb. 23rd/2019

phone consult, kink experiment, niteflirt, confidante, BDSM, FBSM

  The Kink Experiment Report #5 – Feb. 17th to Feb. 23rd OK.. well this week with the kink went OK… Calls are sporadic and still dropped fairly often by the Niteflirt platform, but it’s still worth staying on it. I’m starting to see how this will turn into a phone consultation business exclusively for…
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How Your Loneliness is Killing You And… Everyone Else

two Men skydiving, two men bonding, men lonely, men and loneliness

How Your Loneliness is Killing You And Everyone Else…   I came across this article written by Charlie Hoehn, a man who wrote a book on how to play and how play chases away loneliness. It’s mostly for men, but women can get a lot out of it as well. Everyone experiences loneliness right? It’s called…
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Sex and Relationship Advice From a Woman (VIDEO)

Relationship Advice from a Woman Are you completely confounded by women? Do you never seem to be able to please us? HELP is HERE!! For a complete step by step program on what you can do to change your relationship with women check out by Susan Bratton.  Here’s an introduction to Susan giving us a…
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