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This May Be The Most Important 47 Minutes You Spend On Sex & Relationships… EVER {Audio/Video}

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This is some of the best advice you’ll ever hear on sex and relationships. Let Susan Bratton instruct you on how to open your woman to her innate sexuality. There are some SPECIFIC foundations that need to be in place. A woman must feel completely SAFE and accepted, as well as, reassured and rewarded for accepting herself sexually. In this 47 minute training, Susan is going to turn you into a champion sexual lioness-maker.

7 Highly Erotic, Highly Sensual, Highly Stimulating Sex Positions That You Need To Try! {VIDEO}

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Here are some sexy tips from one of The Body House partners – Susan Bratton. {Video Below…}

Susan always has great advice. In this little gem of a guide book she says:

“These 7 Stimulating Sex Positions were designed to help you and your woman stimulate as many erogenous zones and hotspots as possible.”

Click Here To Discover These 7 Stimulating Sex Positions ⇒ 7 Different Variations For 7 Different Women
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Passion & Attraction That Lasts: Alex Allman Brings It! {VIDEO}

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  I’m an affiliate of the sex and relationship products by Susan Bratton and Alex Allman… Well, today Alex is giving some very valuable advice in this quick video.  He’s also got a sale on! It’s worth a listen… Until Nov. 20th/2018 Alex is having a half price sale on his “PASSION & ATTRACTION THAT…
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Every Man Needs To Visit This At Least Once: The Dick Dojo


Every Man Needs To Visit This At Least Once: The Dick Dojo   Before you blow this(??) off… there is REAL info in this dojo. I stumbled across the original article at with a link to the Here is the link to the 3 other books in the Dick Dojo series. Below is…
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A Note to MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way)

  A Note to MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way)   It wasn’t until recently I discovered the term MGTOW or Men Going Their Own Way. I had to look it up. In the Urban Dictionary it’s defined HERE   The definition is as follows (verbatim): MGTOW is basically the statement of self-ownership and saying…
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Picking Up the Slack – Men Calling Out Other Men

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  Picking Up The Slack – Men Calling Out Men I feel for you guys. I do. This may still be a man’s world, but it’s tough to be a guy. This world tends to favor men, especially white men (let’s be honest) and opens doors for you guys just because you’re you. However, maybe it’s…
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Gender Polarity and Hot Sex: What You Need to Know

Gender Polarity and Hot Sex: What You Need to Know Out of the corner of your eye you catch a woman swinging her hair back over her shoulder. You turn to look. You can’t help yourself.   Men are made to look at attractive women you tell yourself. You begin to imagine her running her…
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Inside New York’s Billion Dollar Erotic Massage Industry

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. UPDATE 2020 – Things have really changed in the erotic massage business. Today it’s harder to find a decent place to perform the massage from. Manhattan is a dead city zone now. Cuomo and DeBlasio killed it.   However, the actual art and service of sensual massage lives on. It always will. Men will…
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