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This archive is where old posts go to die…

The Body House has gone through a huge revamp and these topics are no longer a part of the vision.



marijuana propaganda

  Although this public domain work was meant to be MARIJUANA PROPAGANDA AGAINST the use of marijuana it actually looks like a lot of fun.  This 1936 film is really well done for the time. The story has romance, sex appeal, parties and a few lectures.My new favorite words are: “giggle water” and “giggle…
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Fear And Safety When Relating To Women – What A Man Must Know

Safety When Relating To Women, Love fear hate relationships safety

  I found this video on Youtube from a psychic who often discusses relationships and in this video she talks about safety when relating to women. The psychic’s name is Teal Swan. Below in the video, Teal discusses a man’s need to understand a woman’s fear. She goes on to discuss why he need sto…
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The Kink Experiment – Report #7 – March 15th To March 26th

Kink Experiment Report #7 – March 15th to March 26th   Find Kink Report #6 HERE…. and Kink Report #8 HERE…   I just haven’t been as regular about opening the phone line. Why? Because I’ve been kind of dreading it. Why? Because of the enormous number of ‘dropped’ calls. ‘Dropped’ is in quotes because…
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The Kink Experiment Report #5 – Feb. 17th to Feb. 23rd/2019

phone consult, kink experiment, niteflirt, confidante, BDSM, FBSM

  The Kink Experiment Report #5 – Feb. 17th to Feb. 23rd OK.. well this week with the kink went OK… Calls are sporadic and still dropped fairly often by the Niteflirt platform, but it’s still worth staying on it. I’m starting to see how this will turn into a phone consultation business exclusively for…
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The Kink Experiment Report #4 Feb. 3rd – Feb. 16th 2019

phone consultations, kink report, kink experiment

  OK… so in this #4 Report of The Kink Experiment I didn’t have the few very long calls like I did in the weeks before. There were a couple hour long and one 90+ minute call in the last report. Check out the previous and next reports HERE… {#3} and {#5}   However, I’ve learned…
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The Kink Experiment Week Report #3 Jan. 26th – Feb. 2nd

niteflirt, pso, phone sex, massage erotic, tantra, advice for men

OK… Here are the results for The Kink Experiment week #3. The Kink Experiment Week #3 January 26th – February 2nd This week was interesting; in the sense that I’ve realized a number of things about men I hadn’t noticed before…   Men have many things rolling around in the back of their minds they…
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